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Rules and Expectations

1. RESPECT and General Player Etiquette

This is the first and most important rule of the game. We are all adults and it is required, as well as expected, that all players entering into this game are mutually respectful and considerate of one another.

A. Check with other players before posting. By checking in with the players you are intending to interact with, it will ensure that all players are on the same page and that no one has a problem with others referencing their characters. Plus, it helps to know if someone is available to play with you. Please allow ample time for the player to respond to a message regarding plotting with/for or referencing a character.

Example: Joe and Jane might be characters in the game. It is perfectly okay for Joe to say that he saw Jane in the Great Hall during dinner at Hogwarts. However, he can’t say that Jane started a food fight during the last feast, unless Jane’s player has written that she did in fact start a food fight.

B. Power playing is not allowed. Power playing involves one player moving another player's character about or speaking for them without prior approval of that character's player. While the game is about interaction, none of the characters are Godlike and thus cannot make someone do something without permission. Power playing ALSO includes actions that significantly alter or change the universe in which we all play. Just because your character doesn’t like how something is done, doesn’t mean it is acceptable for a character to simply make up a new government structure or series of actions or requirements for gaining employment, etc.

Example: Similar to before in that Joe may state he “knew” Jane must want X because of the type of person he thinks she is. Making assumptions is part of being human. As long as Joe’s players writes in a manner that makes it obvious that Joe this is what Joe thinks this about Jane, it is okay. No real person can know what someone else wants, unless the other person has told them.


*If you feel someone is power playing, please talk to them first; most likely the person has not even realized that they wrote something they shouldn't have. If you feel this problem cannot be resolved simply by talking to the other player, contact the mods as soon as possible and draw their attention to the threads where this has taken place.*

C. Players may not remove their characters from previous plot arcs or threads without mod approval. This should be self-explanatory.


Example: Joe and Jane are in a classroom serving detention for a prank they played on a professor, Jane's player cannot decide she'd rather not have Jane get in trouble for the prank and pull Jane out of the thread or delete her entry and/or comments. If she feels the detention isn't working toward the goal of having Jane reconcile with the professor, she may have the character reevaluate the situation on- or off-camera and then take steps to appease Professor Y.

D. Characters may not reference things they do not know. There will be many instances in this game where it is painfully obvious, if not outright stated, what things are happening in our shared world. However, this does not mean that Joe knows what is going on in Harbour Bay, even if the reader does. So, Joe couldn't possibly tell someone what's going on in Harbour Bay if he hasn't had access to this information in-game. It is allowed if players want to play out a hypothetical.


Example: Joe's player says: If Jane does M, Joe will likely do N back. This does not mean that Jane must do M. Remember, as a player, you can control your own character, but you cannot control other players' characters. Communication is key and we are here for fun. Let's remember that!

2. Posting Requirements

All players are required to post, or be involved in, a minimum of one interactive thread every two weeks. There is no maximum amount of posting. Players are welcome to post letters or Owl post, as well as introspective posts. We want to ensure lots of interaction and there will be plenty of opportunity for that. If your character has a valid reason to play more through introspective posts than interactive posts, please email the mods so that we can discuss this with you.

Backdating beyond 24 hours is not allowed. If for some dire reason you absolutely feel you must backdate an entry, the mods will consider this on a case-by-case basis.

If you know that you will not be able to RP on Monday evening, but that is when your character is supposed to interact with Joe, either your own character or Joe may start the thread by posting to the community as you would normally. You will essentially use the beginning of this thread as a placeholder and come back to it Tuesday or Wednesday and finish said thread.

For the first failure to meet your minimum requirement, you will be contacted by the mods with a warning. If there is no valid explanation or post from that character within a week from the warning, the moderators will regain control over your character and remove you from the game. [Please note that all character journals on livejournal remain property of the game. Should you update your password, you must email the moderators at postbellummods @ gmail so that we can keep track of all the passwords. You should also keep in mind that this doesn't make the journal belong to you. You are allowed to purchase time and icons for your journal, but if you decide to leave with paid time still on the journal, the Mods are not obligated to reimburse you for any additional paid time that remains after you leave the game.]

3. Plotting


The moderators will provide an over-arching plot for the game. However, we want this game to be a character driven game.

While we may decide to announce something that affects the Post_Bellum world, characters' reactions and decisions that grow from this announcement are what will move the game forward and build stronger and more unique plot lines. If you have an idea for a plot line, please send your idea to the mods (postbellummods @ gmail), where each idea will be read and placed under consideration.


Things that need to be placed under consideration include, but are not limited to: new types of magic (including small spells or modifications on current spells), engagements, marriages, pregnancy, changes of address, job acquisition or changes and other things that will affect the current Wizarding World or that significantly alter a character's game canon or affect groups of characters. If you are unsure about whether you need mod approval, please contact us right away at either the email address given or via instant message. Please keep in mind that it is best to email the mods before you get too deeply involved with a plot in case there are serious reservations or conflicts with the specifics of the plot. The moderators would both love to work with people on as many ideas as they would like. Feel free to email us anytime!


Once a plot has been approved, if you intend to share the plot with others before it is played out in-game, please post it to <lj comm="pb_authors"> so that others may give input or in order to recruit players for your plot arc. This will also help to ensure that we won't have more than one of the same plot going on at the same time.


As players, your ideas and writing move the story along, so don’t hesitate to find ways to meet and interact with different people, as long as it is in context.


The moderators do reserve the right to veto plots. If we turn down your plot, please do not take it personally. We will take into consideration whether the plot is appropriate and how it will affect both the characters involved and the game at large. We don't foresee turning down a lot of plots, but there are conditions when we may turn down proposed plots. Again, keep in mind, it's nothing personal!

4. Shipping

While this game is not primarily based on various ships, we do keep in mind that all types of relationships could form. Any relationships from canon will remain (such as Lucius/Narcissa, Molly/Arthur, Bill/Fleur),  but non-marriage relationships do not have to remain. However, relationships such as Harry & Ginny, Ron & Hermione should be addressed as to where they are now in regards to a relationship since we are taking everything from canon directly except for the epilogue. Also, please keep in mind that any character under 18 years of age is not allowed to take part in any kind of adult thread (this means anything beyond kissing).


Post Bellum is both heterosexual and slash friendly. We would like the players to keep in mind that relationships of any kind, not just romantic, should not overshadow plot development or characterization. We would like to see romantic relationships in our game be built on interaction of the characters with each other and, for that reason, we ask you to refrain from involving your character with a non-played character (NPC) without mod approval.

5. Icons


Players are not required to use actors from the movies as their bases for character icons in-game. However, when you do chose a PB, please keep in mind what age the character would be and be realistic about your choice. Most people in the world do not look like supermodels and it would be a rather boring place if they did. If you are having trouble finding a realistic PB, please contact the mods and we will do our best to assist you in finding someone appropriate.


The moderators reserve the right to veto a PB choice should it come down to it, but we will provide an explanation as to why.

6. All About Moderators

As Moderators, our job is to provide an overall story arc in which the characters can start their own story lines from.  Since we want a character driven game, we whole heartedly look towards the players to come up with their own interesting and exciting storylines to play.  However, keep in mind that these storylines need to fit in the overall story arc, which is why we request that you contact us before beginning any plots that affect the entire community.
In addition, to providing an overall story arc, we are here make sure the game runs smoothly.  While we do not anticipate on being "Big Brother", we will keep on eye on posts, to see if you are maintain your minium post requirement.  We are also available to work out any problems, concerns or conflicts that may arise.  We are part of the game just like all of you, so don't hesitate to send us an email,

7. Other Important Info


This game is supposed to be fun and as such as ask that you respect the rules and guidelines. If you feel that the rules are too strict, please contact the mods and let’s see if we can work something out. In addition to the above rules, all livejournal rules and regulations are also in affect. That means, if your underage character is sitting in the Three Broomsticks, they can’t be throwing back fire whiskeys. Remember if your character does something against lj’s terms of service, you not only risk your character’s removal, but removal of the entire game as well.

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